The Caryophyllaceae consist of annual or perennial herbs, rarely shrubs, lianas, or trees. The stems often have swollen nodes. The leaves are opposite (rarely spiral), simple, usually exstipulate. The inflorescence is of dichasial cymes or solitary flowers. The flowers are bisexual or unisexual, actinomorphic, hypogynous, rarely perigynous. The perianth is biseriate, dichlamydeous, hypanthium. Caryophyllaceae, the pink, or carnation, family of flowering plants (order Caryophyllales), comprising some 100 genera and 2,200 species of herbaceous annuals and perennials, mainly of north temperate distribution. Learn about the characteristics and taxonomy of the family Caryophyllaceae definition is - a large widely distributed family of herbs or occasionally subshrubs (order Caryophyllales) usually with stems swollen at the nodes and opposite linear leaves and with symmetrical pentamerous or tetramerous flowers that have distinct stamens as numerous or twice as numerous as the sepals Caryophyllaceae. Reference: Mitchell (1993). 1a. Sepals distinct or essentially so (appearing connate in Scleranthus, but the tube actually a hypanthium) [Figs. 564, 565, 578 ]; ovary sessile; petals without a prominent, narrow, basal portion (i.e., lacking a claw or the claw obscure

Caryophyllales (/ ˌ k æ r i oʊ f ɪ ˈ l eɪ l iː z / KARR-ee-oh-fil-AY-leez) is a diverse and heterogeneous order of flowering plants that includes the cacti, carnations, amaranths, ice plants, beets, and many carnivorous plants.Many members are succulent, having fleshy stems or leaves.The betalain pigments are unique in plants of this order and occur in all its families with the. Etymologie. Der Name Caryophyllaceae leitet sich vom heute nicht mehr anerkannten Gattungsnamen Caryophyllus (heute Dianthus) ab. Dieser Name wurde schon vor Carl von Linné als Bezeichnung für verschiedene Nelkengewächse verwendet, etwa von Paulus Hermannus 1687 im Horti Academici Lugduno-Batavi Catalogus.Er stammt vom griechischen karyophyllon (im Lateinischen als caryophyllus, gariofilus usw Caryophyllaceae è una famiglia di piante spermatofite dicotiledoni dell'ordine Caryophyllales. Descrizione. Comprende erbe annuali o perenni con fusti che presentano nodi ben evidenti e con foglie opposte ed intere. Il fiore regolare ed ipogino ha.

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Cariofilaceele (Caryophyllaceae) sunt o familie de plante superioare angiosperme dicotiledonate din ordinul Caryophyllales care cuprinde plante erbacee anuale, bianuale sau perene, rareori subfrutescente, răspândite pe tot globul pământesc, mai ales în zonele temperate. Se cunosc cca 2395 de specii și 93 de genuri grupate în 3 subfamilii: Alsinoideae, Caryophylloideae, Paronychioideae Lerne die wichtigsten einheimischen Pflanzenfamilien zu unterscheiden. Unser Mini-Online-Bestimmungskurs hilft dabei.Zur Vorbereitung auf die universitären B.. Family: Caryophyllaceae. carnation family. Species in the Caryophyllaceae are mostly annual, biennial or perennial herbs. The stem has swollen nodes at the points of leaf attachment. Leaf arrangement is mostly opposite, though alternate and whorled leaves do occur in some plants of this family Die Familie der Caryophyllaceae inklusive der Unterfamilie der Caryophylloideae auf der APWebsite. Literatur. Danica T. Harbaugh, Molly Nepokroeff, Richard K. Rabeler, John McNeill, Elizabeth A. Zimmer, Warren L. Wagner: A new lineage-based tribal classification of the family Caryophyllaceae

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Caryophyllaceae. 1. Stipules present, conspicuous (though small), scarious, sometimes fused and forming a membranous collar between the leaf bases. 2. Petals absent; fruit 1-seeded, indehiscent; styles 2-forked or none and stigmas 2; leaves elliptic to narrowly obovate. 3 Caryophyllaceae A taxonomic family within the order Caryophyllales - very many herbs and shrubs including the pinks , carnations and campions . Hypernyms [ edit A list of all accepted names in Caryophyllaceae is available in CSV format. Statistics. Species of Caryophyllaceae contained within The Plant List belong to 88 plant genera. The Plant List includes 10,320 scientific plant names of species rank for the family Caryophyllaceae. Of these 2,295 are accepted species names Translingual: ·A taxonomic suborder within the order Caryophyllales - very many herbs and shrubs including the pinks, carnations and campion

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  1. Caryophyllaceae Name Synonyms Alsinaceae Cerastiaceae Corrigiolaceae Dianthaceae Herniariaceae Illecebraceae Lychnidaceae Minuartiaceae Ortegaceae Paronychiaceae Polycarpaeaceae Sabulinaceae Saginaceae Scleranthaceae Silenaceae Spergulaceae Stellariaceae Telephiaceae Homonyms Caryophyllaceae Common names Nelkengewächse in language
  2. Caryophyllaceae es una familia de plantas herbáceas perteneciente al orden Caryophyllales. Descripción. Son hierbas, más raramente arbustos o subarbustos. Los tallos suelen presentar nudos engrosados que, ocasionalmente, tienen crecimiento secundario anómalo
  3. Extract from Wikipedia article: Polycarpon tetraphyllum, commonly known as four-leaved allseed (also fourleaf allseed or fourleaf manyseed), is a plant of the family Caryophyllaceae (pinks). An annual herb growing to 15 cm in height, it is found on sandy soils, in coastal areas and on wasteland
  4. A família botânica das Caryophyllaceae, conhecida geralmente por suas espécies ornamentais, tais como cravos ( Dianthus ), ou outras cariofiláceas silvestres, é constituída por plantas Eudicotiledónea da ordem Caryophyllales. É constituída por 91 gêneros e aproximadamente mais de 2200 espécies. É uma família facilmente.
  5. Molecular systematics and character evolution in Caryophyllaceae. Taxon 60(6): 1637-1652. Publication date: December 1, 2011. Harbaugh DT et al. 2010b. Harbaugh DT, Nepokroeff M, Rabeler RK, McNeill J, Zimmer EA and Wagner WL. 2010. A new lineage-based tribal classification of the family Caryophyllaceae. International Journal of Plant Sciences.
  6. e the vegetation and the flower. The coarse, durable stem and leaves are characteristic of this family. The leaves are usually positioned opposite on the stems, but are sometimes whorled

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الفصيلة القرنفلية (باللاتينية: Caryophyllaceae) فصيلة نباتية تتبع رتبة القرنفليات من ثنائيات الفلقة.تضم هذه الفصيلة حوالي 88 جنساً تشمل 2000 نوع أهمها القرنفل.. من أجناسها. السيلينة; الكولوبنط; مراج Family Caryophyllaceae Description: Annual to perennial herbs, rarely subshrubs; stems thickened at the nodes, often appearing jointed; some species with saponins. Leaves opposite or apparently whorled, simple, entire, often fused at the base or connected by a transverse line; with or without scarious stipules About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Willd (Caryophyllaceae Family) are reported after an attempt has been made to congregate the traditional and pharmacological studies done on this important medicinal plant. Drymaria cordata is a weak spreading herb found widely dispersed in damp places all over the tropics of Africa, Asia and the Americas 165 Caryophyllaceae 1. Características Porte: plantas generalmente herbáceas, anuales o perennes, erguidas o decumbentes, con tallos con nudos más o menos engrosados. Hojas: opuestas, enteras, a menudo connadas en la base.Sésiles o pecioladas, con o sin estípulas

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On The Molecular Ecology And Transmission Of The Anther Smut Fungus Microbotryum Violaceum On Host Plants Of The Family Caryophyllaceae. Download and Read online On The Molecular Ecology And Transmission Of The Anther Smut Fungus Microbotryum Violaceum On Host Plants Of The Family Caryophyllaceae ebooks in PDF, epub, Tuebl Mobi, Kindle Book. Get Free On The Molecular Ecology And Transmission. Silene sunhangii, a new species of Caryophyllaceae known from only three populations in Hubei and Hunan provinces of central China, is described. Both morphological and molecular data were used to assess the taxonomic status and relationships of this species. Morphologically, S. sunhangii is most similar to S. platyphylla Franch. from which it differs most readily in having 3-veined elliptical. Caryophyllaceae and Molluginaceae are exceptional in Caryophyllales in possessing anthocyanin pigments rather than betalains. Evidence from morphology (e.g., pollen type, sieve-tube plastids) and molecular studies confirms this alignment. S. R. Downie et al. (1997). The Caryophyllaceae is a family 88 genera and 3000 species of flowering herbs with a few shrubby genera. Most members of the Caryophyllaceae are non-succulent. Those featured below are succulent exceptions. Stem nodes are characteristically swollen and leaves usually simple and opposite Dianthus seguieri (Caryophyllaceae) 219 19 . Dianthus seguieri (common name Sequier's Pink) is a herbaceous perennial plant of the genus Dianthus belonging to the Caryophyllaceae family. This species is present in southern and central Europe, mainly in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland

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  1. Revision of the genus Polycarpaea (Caryophyllaceae) in Malaysia. Acta Botanica Neerlandica 6: 48-53 Acta Botanica Neerlandica 6: 48-53 Larsen, K. 2002
  2. Stellaria obtusa is a species of flowering plant in the family Caryophyllaceae known by the common names Rocky Mountain chickweed, blunt-sepaled starwort, and obtuse starwort. It is native to western North America, from British Columbia and Alberta to California to Colorado, where it grows in moist areas in forests and on mountain slopes
  3. Caryophyllaceae. All images on this website have been taken in Leicestershire and Rutland by NatureSpot members. We welcome new contributions - just register and use the Submit Records form to post your photos. Click on any image below to visit the species page. The RED / AMBER / GREEN dots indicate how easy it is to identify the species - see.
  4. 1. Caryophyllaceae, Petrorhagia prolifera by Maren Riemann. 1. Caryophyllaceae, Stellaria media Kunst (2) by Maren Riemann. 1. Caryophyllaceae, Silene vulgaris by Maren Riemann. 1. Caryophyllaceae, Silene dioica Blüte weiblich Kunst by Maren Riemann. 1

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Caryophyllaceae includes 54 locally endemic genera (many of them in the eastern Mediterranean region of Europe, Asia, and Africa), cultivated taxa (especially Dianthus, Gypsophila, and Silene ), and weedy taxa (mostly from Eurasia). Of the 37 genera in the flora area, 15 are entirely non-native: Agrostemma, Corrigiola, Gypsophila, Holosteum. Introduction. Silene L. (Caryophyllaceae) is a key plant genus for studying crucial questions interrelating ecology and evolution (Bernasconi et al., Reference Bernasconi, Antonovics, Biere, Charlesworth, Delph, Filatov, Giraud, Hood, Marais, McCauley, Pannell, Shykoff, Vyskot, Wolfe and Widmer 2009). Silene ciliata Pourret is a Mediterranean alpine plant that occurs in alpine pastures. Arten. Die Nelkengewächse (bot. Caryophyllaceae) sind eine Pflanzenfamilie innerhalb der Nelkenartigen (bot. Caryophyllales), die zur Gruppe der Kerneudikotyledonen gehören. Sie wird in etwa 89 Gattungen mit über 2.200 bis 3.000 Arten unterteilt, die sich in ihrem Verbreitungsgebiet bis auf wenige Ausnahmen überall finden lassen The P-glycoprotein inhibition activity of three triterpenoid saponins extracted from several plants of the Caryophyllaceae family was evaluated using an intestinal barrier model comprised of Caco-2 cell lines. The results showed a strong effect of two saponins on P-glycoprotein-mediated transport. At a concentration of 15 µM, the efflux ratio. A B S T R A C T This paper is the first report on the foliar epidermal anatomy of 18 species of subfamily Alsinoideae (Caryophyllaceae) using light microscopy (LM). The studied species occur in different eco climatic zones of Pakistan ranges fro

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Caryophyllaceae. Juss. Caryophyllaceae (karanfili, karanfilke) su porodica skrivenosjemenica koja uključuje 86 rodova s oko 2200 vrsta. Porodica je kozmopolitski rasprostranjena i prisutna od troih i pustinjskih do visokoplaninskih i antarktičkih staništa CARYOPHYLLACEAE - The Pink Family. This is quite a large plant Family, with about 2000 species in 80 genera. They are mainly temperate herbaceous plants, and include many popular garden plants - the Pinks, Carnations and Sweet William (Dianthus), Baby's Breath (Gypsophila), Campions and Catchflies (Silene and Lychnis) and Sandworts (Arenaria), as well as a number of weeds, including several. Caryophyllaceae Nejlikväxter: Beskrivning. Ett- till fleråriga örter. Blad oftast motsatta, enkla, hela, avlånga till ovala, ibland trådsmala, med eller utan stipler. Blommor i knippen eller gyttrade, tvåkönade eller sällan enkönade. Foder fri- eller sambladigt, fyr- eller femtaligt Consult the top 37 book chapters for your research on the topic 'Caryophyllaceae.' Next to every source in the list of references, there is an 'Add to bibliography' button. Press on it, and we will generate automatically the bibliographic reference to the chosen work in the citation style you need: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, etc Caryophyllaceae. SHAHINA A. GHAZANFAR & YASIN J. NASIR. By S.A. Ghazanfar. Genera Minuartia and Silene revised by Y. J. Nasi

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Synonyms for Caryophyllaceae in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Caryophyllaceae. 3 synonyms for Caryophyllaceae: carnation family, family Caryophyllaceae, pink family. What are synonyms for Caryophyllaceae Holosteum umbellatum, the jagged chickweed, is a species of flowering plant in the family Caryophyllaceae. It is native to Europe but has also been introduced to North America. Afișați mai puțin Afișați mai mult. Wikipedia. Aplicații Google Holosteum umbellatum, the jagged chickweed, is a species of flowering plant in the family. Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl Las mariposas nocturnas polinizan flores que se abren de noche o al atardecer o amanecer como algunas de las familias Convolvulaceae y Caryophyllaceae. Las familias de mariposas nocturnas Noctuidae, Geometridae y Sphingidae contienen muchas especies de polinizadores

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Caryophyllaceae Juss., 1789 [nom. cons.] Classe : Equisetopsida Ordre : Caryophyllales 14 espèce(s) inférieure(s) agrégée(s) sur cette fich Philippines biodiversity images phylogenetics keys. 70416 images from Philippines: images 29662 - 2974 Caryophyllaceae, commonly called the Pink Family or Carnation Family, is a family of flowering plants. It is a large family, with 81 genera and about 2,625 known species. Click on the photo or the name of the succulent plant for which you wish to see further information

Caryophyllaceae Juss. Reference Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 299 (1789) Name Status Current Scientific Description. Common name. Pink Family. Habit and leaf form. Small trees (a few), or shrubs (a few), or herbs (mainly). Plants non-succulent (usually), or succulent. Annual, or biennial.. Preferred name: Caryophyllaceae ; Taxonomy. Kingdom Plantae ( 1PLAK ) Phylum Magnoliophyta ( 1MAGP ) Class Angiospermae ( 1ANGC ) Category Basal core eudicots ( 1CEUD ) Order Caryophyllales ( 1CAFO ) Family Caryophyllaceae. Caryophyllaceae, è na famigghia di chianti chî ciuri, chi fa parti di l'òrdini Caryophyllales.Sta granni famigghia nn'havi 88 gènira e circa 2.000 speci e cunteni lu garòfaru.. Gènir Daniel Lauterbach, Michael Ristow, Birgit Gemeinholzer, Population genetics and fitness in fragmented populations of the dioecious and endangered Silene otites (Caryophyllaceae), Plant Systematics and Evolution, 10.1007/s00606-011-0533-0, 298, 1, (155-164), (2011) Hoffman, принимает единое семейство Caryophyllaceae, разделяя его на 3 подсемейства: Alsinoideae, Silenoideae, Paronychioideae. Другие [17] , предпочитают более узкую трактовку семейства Caryophylleae Juss. , с выделением из него.

The article provides a phytocenotic description of Acanthophyllum cyrtostegium, distributed in the sandy and gypsum soils of Bukhara region (Uzbekistan). During the study, 6 plant communities were studied with the participation of the field work. There were 70 pcs vascular plants in these communities. The area of this plant, which is rare in the region, is 10 - 12 hectares, and the total. A szegfűfélék (Caryophyllaceae) családja a szegfűvirágúak (Caryophyllales) rendjének Caryophyllineae alrendjébe tartozó növénycsalád. Kiterjedt taxon, 88 nemzetség mintegy 2000 faja tartozik ide. Érdekesség, hogy a család szegfűszegre utaló névadó nemzetsége, a Caryophyllus már nem érvényes rendszertani név.. A család ismertebb nemzetségei közé tartozik a szegfű.

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ナデシコ科 Caryophyllaceae; 新エングラー体系. 新エングラー体系ではクロンキストとほぼ同じタクソンを認識しているが、Centrospermaeの名称を使っている。日本語ではラテン名を意訳して中心子目とするか、アカザ目の名前を使う。 脚 The first comprises Caryophyllaceae (86 genera, 2,200 species; mostly with a temperate distribution), Achatocarpaceae (3 genera, 7 species; western North America to South America), and Amaranthaceae (including Chenopodiaceae; 174 genera, 2,050 species; warm temperate and subtropical regions) form a clade, with the last two as sisters Use our database of Scottish wild flowers and sort by colours and flowering season. Find information about latin names, flowering seasons, family and colours here. Scottishwildflowers.org is your go-to website for reliable information and high-quality photos of the wildflowers found in Scotland USDA Plants Databas An Caryophyllaceae in uska familia han Magnoliopsida. An Caryophyllaceae in nahilalakip ha ordo nga Caryophyllales, classis nga Magnoliopsida, punoan nga Tracheophyta, ngan regnum nga Plantae. An familia nga Caryophyllaceae in naglalakip hin 3222 ka mga species, sumala ha Catalogue of Life

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5) Bufonia [Visite: 2469] Buffonia pannocchiuta, Buffonia a foglie sottili. 2. T scap. 6) Cerastium [Visite: 5707] Peverina alpina, Peverina delle Apuane, Peverina dei campi, Peverina delle Baleari, Peverina di von Bieberstein, Peverina di Boissier Sauvages de la Croix, Peverina a petali brevi, Peverina di Carinzia, Peverina a tre stimmi. New Phytologist Research Distribution of the anther-smut pathogen Microbotryum on species of the Caryophyllaceae Michael E. Hood1*, Jorge I. Mena-Alı́1*, Amanda K. Gibson1, Bengt Oxelman2, Tatiana Giraud3, Roxana Yockteng4, Mary T. K. Arroyo5, Fabio Conti6, Amy B. Pedersen7, Pierre Gladieux3 and Janis Antonovics8 1 Department of Biology, Amherst College, Amherst, MA, USA; 2Department of. Caryophyllaceae) 1. - Pak. J. Bot. 15 (1): 7-12. Gholipour A., Kuhdar F. 2014. Seed morphology diversity in the certain Silene species (Caryophyllaceae) from Iran and its taxonomic significance. - Taxonomy and Biodiversity. 6 (18): 107-118. Greuter W. 1995. Silene (Caryophyllaceae) in Greece: a subgeneric and sectional classification.

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Caryophyllaceae, for ordinar cried the pink faimily or carnation faimily, is a faimily o flouerin plants.It is includit in the dicotyledon order Caryophyllales in the APG III seestem, alangside 33 ither faimilies, includin Amaranthaceae, Cactaceae, an Polygonaceae. It is a lairge faimily, wi 81 genera an aboot 2,625 kent species.. Gener What does caryophyllaceae mean? A taxonomic family within the order Caryophyllales — very many herbs and shrubs including the pinks, carnations and camp.. Caryophyllaceae, Hutchinson and Dalziel. Flora of West Tropical Africa 1:1. 1954. Morphology General Habit Herbs, annual or perennial; leaves opposite, simple, often connected at the base by a transverse line; stipules absent or if present often scariou Define family Caryophyllaceae. family Caryophyllaceae synonyms, family Caryophyllaceae pronunciation, family Caryophyllaceae translation, English dictionary definition of family Caryophyllaceae. Noun 1. family Caryophyllaceae - large family of herbs or subshrubs carnation family, Caryophyllaceae, pink family caryophylloid dicot family - family. Bayesian analyses were performed on the RNAP, cpDNA, and Caryophyllaceae matK data sets using MrBayes version 3.1 (Huelsenbeck and Ronquist 2001; Ronquist and Huelsenbeck 2003). The data were partitioned into a nucleotide set and an indel set, which was treated as morphological data according to the model of Lewis (2001)

Œillet de Séguier / Dianthus seguieri Vill., 1779 / Dianthu Caryophyllaceae. Description. n° 287 du catalogue de L. Laurent Cet œillet très polymorphe a connu, suivant les époques, des nomenclatures et taxonomies nombreuses. Seize sous-espèces ou variétés ont été citées dans le département

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Họ Cẩm chướng (danh pháp khoa học: Caryophyllaceae) là một họ thực vật hạt kín.Họ này được gộp trong bộ Caryophyllales.Nó là một họ lớn, với khoảng từ 82 đến trên 120 chi (tùy theo việc xem xét một vài chi theo nghĩa rộng hay nghĩa hẹp) và trên 2.200 loài tới khoảng 3.000 loài.. Harjaneilikka (Dianthus barbatus) on kohokkikasvien (Caryophyllaceae) heimon neilikoiden (Dianthus) suvun monivuotinen ruoho. Laji on tunnettu koristekasvina. Gisekiaceae: Gisekiaceae on pieni, yhden suvun (Gisekia) käsittävä kasviheimo koppisiemenisten Caryophyllales-lahkossa, johon mm. kohokkikasvit (Caryophyllaceae) kuuluvat. Arho

Caryophyllaceae adalah salah satu suku anggota tumbuhan berbunga.Menurut Sistem klasifikasi APG II suku ini dimasukkan ke dalam bangsa Caryophyllales, klad dikotil inti (core Eudikotil) namun tidak termasuk ke dalam dua kelompok besar, Rosidae dan asteridae Caryophyllaceae Juss (ナデシコ科), pink familyMount Usu / Sarobetsu post-mined peatland From left: Crater basin in 1986 and 2006. Cottongrass / Daylil Category: Caryophyllaceae Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis) Photographed July 6. Also called Bouncing Bet, this cheerful pink came over as a garden flower, but is now thoroughly established along roadsides and at the edge of the woods. The blooming season begins in July. The flowers are very pale pink verging on white; the double forms Gray. Chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) is maternally inherited in the majority, but not all, of angiosperm species. The mode of inheritance of cpDNA is a critical determinant of its molecular evolution and of its population genetic structure. Here, we present the results of investigations of the inheritance of cpD Suchergebnisse für caryophyllaceae.pdf. Durchsuchen. Foobar. Seiten (1) Es wurden 1 Ergebnisse gefunden. Sortierung. Botanische Bestimmungsübungen. e (PDF, 1576 KB) Apiaceae (PDF.

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the assessment or with the choice of the species. In the present study eight species of Caryophyllaceae (Dianthus carthusianorum, Gypsophila fastigiata, Lychnis viscaria, Petrorhagia prolifera, Scleranthus perennis, Silene nutans, S. otitesS. vulgaris, ) were chosen usually occurring in open xerothermic veg-etation units Caryophyllaceae: Pink Family Always under construction! Please check back periodically. Page created November 2, 2001 Page last updated October 24, 2012 Navigate this Page - Caryophyllaceae: Pink Family: Arenaria humifusa Cerastium alpinum subsp. alpinu Silene macrosolen A. Rich (Caryophyllaceae) has been traditionally used for malaria treatment in Ethiopia. Therefore, this study was aimed to evaluate the in vivo antimalarial activity of the plant against Plasmodium-berghei-infected (ANKA strain) Swiss albino mice. Methods Primary vascular tissues variously in a cylinder, without separate bundles, or comprising a ring of bundles, or comprising two or more rings of bundles. Internal phloem absent. Secondary thickening developing from a conventional cambial ring, or anomalous Pseudostellaria heterophylla, a cleistogamous species belonging to the Caryophyllaceae, was studied ontogenetically with SEM to investigate floral development in chasmogamous (CH) flowers and cleistogamous (CL) flowers.Comparative ontogenetic studies of this cleistogamous species revealed significant differences between CH and CL flowers

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Cyclopeptides from Sagina japonica (Caryophyllaceae). Jia AQ(1), Tan NH, Zhou J. Author information: (1)Bioengineering Laboratory, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, Jiangsu, PR China. Two new cyclic peptides, named sajaponicin C (1) and sajaponicin D (2), were isolated from the whole plants of Sagina japonica (Caryophyllaceae) Kariofilazeoak (Caryophyllaceae) Magnoliopsida klaseko landaren loredunen familia bat dira (belarrak eta zuhaixkak). Familia honetan krabelina sartzen da, besteak beste. 88 bat genero ditu, eta 2.000 espezie inguru.. Gehienbat landare belarkarak dira, urtekoak edo bizikorrak. Loreak, gehienetan, hermafroditak dira, erregular eta pentameroak, hau da, 5 petaloz eta 5 sepaloz osatua Sabulina (Caryophyllaceae) is a northern hemisphere genus, comprising c. 65 species worldwide. The genus was recently re-established based on molecular results, after being included in the genus Minuartia for the past century. Two new combinations for the genus Sabulina are made. A key to the taxa of the German flora is provided Augustea moreirana Caryophyllaceae Eudicots Chile. Requires Subscription or Fee PDF (282KB) Abstract. Iamonico (2015a) recently described the new genus Augustea to accomodate three South American species previously included in the genus Polycarpon Linnaeus (1759: 859, 881), i.e

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